Consumer Class Action

Have you ever been in a situation where a business charges you for something you didn't agree to, or sells you a product or service that does not quite live up to what was represented? Corporations reap billions of dollars in profit every year based on the gamble that individual consumers will not sue because the value of damages in these cases are less than the cost of bringing a lawsuit. A class action is a mechanism used by courts to address such business conduct, which generally involves individual damages of $5000 or less, by grouping all common claims together in a single lawsuit.

Pollard | Bailey has expertise litigating class action claims involving systematic corporate misconduct. Our clients get the benefit of contingency representation in obtaining justice for corporate wrongdoing, and if successful, may even qualify for additional compensation for their time and efforts obtaining recovery on behalf of the class.

Consumer fraud takes many forms. If you believe you may have a claim, contact Pollard | Bailey for free evaluation of your potential case.


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