Other "Difficult Liability" Cases

  • Police Abuse / Civil Rights
    Taking on the police in an excessive force, abuse of power or wrongful arrest case is very difficult. For starters, the police report rarely includes an accurate recitation of facts about the subject incident. Additionally, Police Departments are very skilled at "hiding" key documents, including personnel records which would contain evidence of problem peace officers that in many cases should never have been hired in the first place. For these reasons, most lawyers won't touch these cases unless a video exists of the subject incident. The lawyers of Pollard | Bailey have a track record of successes in both State and Federal Court obtaining the key evidence necessary to win these cases when the odds and deck are stacked heavily against the injured party.
  • Elder Abuse
    Incidents of Elder Abuse typically take place in understaffed and underfunded assisted living facilities and can range from outright physical abuse to potentially fatal bedsores caused by systemic neglect. Unfortunately, the defense lawyers in these types of case typically first blame the families themselves for the neglect of the elderly residents, even though the families are not responsible for these patients once they are in the care of these facilities. Pollard | Bailey understands the medical aspects of these cases as well as the procedural hurdles that have to be cleared in order to win these cases.
  • "On The Job" Injuries Caused by 3rd Parties
    Many people believe that if you are injured at work and "on the job," you are limited to a recovery of "workers compensation" benefits, even when injuries are caused by faulty products or a third party. This is not the case. In such situations, workers compensation benefits, which consist largely of short term disability payments, in no way compensate the injured person for his full range of damages for devastating life-altering injuries. Pollard | Bailey has significant expertise in identifying "hidden" responsible parties (other than the employer) and then suing them in order to remove these types of cases from the modest limits of the workers compensation system.
  • Slum Lord
    In California, owners of public and private rental facilities are required to provide tenants facilities meeting basic minimal standards of habitability, which includes, among other things, (1) properly functioning heat, plumbing and sewer, (2) freedom from dangerous conditions, such as exposed wiring or structural damage, and (3) adequate protection from the elements, such as a non-leaking roof and freedom from infestation. Typically, upon filing of these suits, the landlord will embark on a "scorched earth" defense blaming the tenants themselves for the inhabitable conditions. But Pollard | Bailey understands how to position these cases for resolution, which often includes bringing suit on behalf an entire residential complex, to obtain total remediation of the offending conditions and monetary payments to the tenants who had to endure them.
  • Sexual Assault
    Whether it be from inadequate security at a public place, or at the hands of a known-problem employee with a history of sexual aggression, sexual assaults can inflict incredible damage (physically and emotionally) upon its victims. Many lawyers will turn away cases of this nature because they tend to involve "criminal acts" which many times relieve people and business from liability. Pollard | Bailey knows how to position these cases against the proper defendants and succeed with cases that many lawyers will not take because the liability angle is hard to find.
  • Premises Liability
    In California, landlords and business owners have a non-delegable legal duty to keep their facilities safe. That means they cannot avoid liability for injuries caused by conditions on their premises, even when a third party is hired to operate, maintain and/or secure their property. Many times, property owners seek to escape responsibility for life altering catastrophic injuries by trivializing the defective condition of their property or laying the blame on the victim. However, under California law a property owner may liable for catastrophic injuries resulting from a simple "slip/trip and fall." Pollard | Bailey understands the tactics used to avoid premises liability and knows how to strategically disassemble and defeat them.

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