Wage and Hour Litigation

Have you ever been told your job position does not qualify for overtime compensation, failed to receive off-duty meal or rest breaks, or been required to perform job related duties without pay? In many cases these practices are unlawful, entitling employees the right to recover hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in withheld wages and penalties. California employers reap billions of dollars in profit every year, not on the goods or services their employees work so hard to provide on their behalf, but by violating their own employees' legal rights to compensation. That is not right. As a California citizen, you enjoy some of the strongest employee compensation rights in the country. An employer who violates these rights engages in an unlawful business practice - in effect stealing your hard earned wages - based on the gamble that you are not confident enough to enforce your rights.

Pollard | Bailey has expertise litigating wage violations, generally in a class action setting. Our clients get the benefit of free representation in obtaining justice for employer wrongdoing, and if successful, may even qualify for additional compensation for their time and efforts obtaining recovery on behalf of the class.

Wage and Hour violations take many forms. Click here to learn more. If you believe you may have a claim, contact Pollard | Bailey for free evaluation of your potential case.


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