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Compensation for All Time and All Tasks:

California employees must be paid for all time their presence is required, not just time working, and must also be paid directly for all tasks.  You may be owed unpaid wages if you were paid (1) solely by piece rate, (2) solely by commissions, or (3) by an hourly rate and required to do anything without pay, including:

  • Remaining on the jobsite, even if you are doing nothing
  • Completing paperwork, sending emails or making calls 
  • Traveling to / from client locations
  • Attending company meetings or training sessions
  • Performing any pre or post shift activities

Meal and Rest Breaks:

California employees must receive one hour of pay each time an "off duty" meal or rest break is not provided. You may be owed wages due to any of the following:

  • Your employer forbids personal activities on breaks 
  • You must perform job duties during breaks
  • You can't leave the jobsite on breaks
  • You are scheduled to work alone
  • You signed an agreement waving breaks

Expense Reimbursements:

California employees must be reimbursed for all necessary expenses they personally incur to perform their job, such as mileage, cell phone, internet or equipment expenses.  If you were not reimbursed, you may be entitled to unpaid wages.

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