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California Negligent Security Attorney

Owners and operators of commercial properties have a legal responsibility to maintain a space that is safe for visitors and minimizes the likelihood of any dangerous or violent occurrences. Failure to maintain these standards may be grounds for a lawsuit entitling you to compensation.

If you’ve been injured as the result of absent or inadequate security measures, contact the California negligent security lawyers at Pollard | Bailey immediately to discuss your case. You have a right to compensation for any negligent security measures on a property.

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Why Choose a California Negligent Security Lawyer from Pollard | Bailey?

At Pollard | Bailey, we pursue compensation for victims who have been injured due to negligence.

  • We have 40 years of combined experience representing clients in all matters of personal injury law, including negligent security cases.
  • All of our clients receive representation from partner-level attorneys — they are never delegated to paralegals or junior-level associates.
  • We are open and honest in our communications, keeping you updated at every step of the legal process to ensure that your needs inform our case strategies.
  • We represent clients on a contingency fee basis — you pay no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses, and you only pay legal fees when we win your case.

Our California injury attorneys ultimately want to provide the representation necessary to secure the maximum possible compensation for your needs.

What is Negligent Security?

In the state of California, public and private spaces require adequate security measures to ensure the safety of civilians. This includes residential buildings such as apartment complexes, where property owners and landlords are expected to provide sufficient protection. Persons visiting or dwelling in these properties assume that when they are present, they are safe. Failure to implement adequate security provides a suitable foundation for a negligent security claim.

Individuals owning and operating property are expected to:

  • Provide sufficient lighting in parking lots and around the premise.
  • Offer keys to only authorized and approved personnel and tenants.
  • Supply adequate locks on windows and doors per unit and in general areas.
  • Have fully trained, licensed, and qualified security on the premise.
  • Provide an appropriate number of security guards to be on duty regularly.

Adequate security serves as a deterrent to potential offenders and helps to limit crime. Therefore, providing proper security is pivotal. Lack of protection can lead to thefts, assaults, and other unjustifiable offenses.

Preventable & Foreseeable Crimes

Preventable Crimes

When security guards are on duty, whether at an apartment complex, an event or in any public area, it is anticipated that they will execute the right techniques to protect innocents. It is also expected that they will demonstrate vigilance and caution while performing their job. Failure to stop a preventable attack, due to a lack of discretion and responsiveness, is unlawful. It is especially illegitimate when someone sustains an injury due to the negligence or complete disregard of the security guard.

Foreseeable Crimes

A foreseeable crime is an offense that has a fair or reasonable chance of occurring. Property owners are to employ security guards that exhibit consideration and foresight. A security guard demonstrates these skills through the implementation of protective measures that hinder or potentially stop certain crimes from occurring or escalating.

A California Negligent Security Lawyer at Pollard | Bailey Can Help

We understand that negligent security measures can result in serious consequences, and we want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one were seriously injured due to negligent security measures, contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. A skilled negligent security attorney in California can utilize our experience and knowledge of these situations to pursue the maximum possible compensation you need to move on.